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The Economics of China’s Domain Names  (2002-03)Outline

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The Economics of China’s Domain Names  (2002-2003)Outline
 ----A Guide to Selecting Internet Marketing Tools for Domain Names,Search Engines and Keywords Addressing

Chief Contributer : Shen Yang
Other Contributers: Maowei et.al


Chapter One - Domain Name Administration Institutions
Section 1. Global Domain Name Registries and generic Top Level Domains
1. Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
2. ICANN Bylaws
3. Review the Reform of ICANN and DNS
4. ICANN and China
Section 2. Global Internet Technology Supporting Organizations
1. Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
2. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
3. Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC)
4. Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)
5. Internet Keyword Forum of China (IKFC)
6. Joint Engineering Task Force (JET)
Section 3. Domain Name Administration Institutions
1. Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of
China (MII)
2. China Internet Network Information Center Steering Committee
3. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
Chapter Two - Domain Name Registrars and Resellers
Section 1. ICANN Delegated gTLD Registrars (domestic companies)
1. Xiamen Jingtong Technique Industrial Co., Ltd (Onlinic/China-
2. Beijing Xinhai Development Corporation (ChinaDNS)
3. Hang Zhou Eastcom Co., Ltd. (Eastcom)
4. HiChina WebSolutions Limited (HiChina)
5. Xiamen Bizcn Computer & Network Co., Ltd. (Bizcn)
Section 2. CNNIC Accredited .CN Domain Name Registrars
1. CNNIC and .CN Domain Names
2. CNNIC: “Three Series” of Internet Address Resources Registrar

Chapter Three - Keywords Addressing Technology Service
Section 1. Keywords Addressing Technology Service
1. Basic Concept
2. Introduction of Technical Solutions
3. Criterion Scheme of Keywords Addressing Technology
Section 2. CNNIC’s Internet Keywords (Common Name)
1. Basic Concept
2. Registration Service System
3. Dispute Arbitration Policies
Section 3. Well Known International Keywords Services
1.  Netpia (Korea) - Native Language Internet Address
2.  Real Names Co., Ltd. (U.S.A.) - Keywords

Chapter Four - Search Engine
Section 1. Introduction of Search Engine
1. What is the market scale of Chinese search engine?
2. Who will be eliminated in the search engine market reshuffle?
3. Search Engine Market – Is there a situation of tripartite
Section 2. Chinese Search Engine Provider (1) - Baidu
1. Baidu.com Search Engine Product
2. Systematic Structure of Baidu.com Search Engine
3. Characteristics and Performance of Baidu.com Search Engine
Section 3. Chinese Search Engine Provider (2) - Yahoo!
1. What is Yahoo?
2. Characteristics of Yahoo’s Chinese Search Engine
3. Advantages of Yahoo’s Search Engine
Section 4. Chinese Search Engine Provider (3) - Google
1. What is Google?
2. Google’s Chinese Search Engine
3. Characteristics of Chinese Google
4. Google Services
Section 5. Chinese Search Engine Provider (4) - Sohu
1. Brief Introduction of Sohu Website
2. Sohu’s Search Engine
Section 6. Chinese Search Engine Provider (5) - Sina
1. Brief Introduction of Sina Website
2. Sina’s Search Engine
Section 7. Chinese Search Engine Provider (6) - Net Ease
1. General Situation of Net Ease Corporation
2. Net Ease’s Search Engine
Section 8. Chinese Search Engine Provider (7) - Hui Cong
Section 9. 3721’s Chinese RealNames Service
1. Basic Concept of“Chinese RealNames”Service
2. Introduction of“Chinese RealNames”Service Technology
3. “Chinese RealNames”Service Registration Service System
4. “Chinese RealNames”Service Dispute Resolution

Chapter Five - Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) and Chinese Domain
Name (CDN)
Section 1. Research and Development of Internationalized Domain Name
1. ICANN and IDN Committee Members
2. The Latest Technical Progress of Internationalized Domain Names
and Chinese Domain Name
Section 2. Research and Development of Chinese Domain Name
1. What is Chinese Domain Name?
2. Chinese Domain Name Test bed in Chinese Mainland (Jan. 18, 1999)
a. Development Timeline of Chinese Domain Name
b. Technical Advantages of CNNIC’s Chinese Domain Name
c. The Influence of Chinese Domain Name Registration System in the
Internet Community
d. Specialists’ Comments on CNNIC’s Chinese Domain Name
Registration System
3. The War of Chinese Domain Name
4. Corporation Among Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
on Chinese Domain Name
a. CNNIC Initiated Simplified Chinese Domain Name System
b. CDN Combined Chinese Culture with Computer Technologies on a
Platform of China’s Internet
c. Technical Obstacles of Chinese Domain Name System
d. From CDNC Technical Coordination to the Development of DNS
e. Contributions that CDNC Made for I-DNS Standard
Section 3. Several Articles Related to Chinese Domain Name
1. Why it was wrong for NSI to provide“Chinese Domain Name”
service in China?
2. A Record of Chinese Domain Name War
3. Personal Viewpoint on the Jurisdiction of Chinese Domain Name
4. Shall Chinese Domain Name be ruled by foreign laws?
5. A Story - China’s First Chief Domain Name Officer (CDO) Assumed
6. A Brilliant Scheme - Speculating on China’s First CDO
7. A Fond Dream of CDO – Facing the Wall in Meditation

Chapter Six - Domain Name Economy
Section 1. The Original Concept of Domain Name Economy
Section 2. .CN Domain Name Expedites the Development of Domain Name
Section 3. Who lead the domain name economy?
1. More Customer Benefits Could be Obtained from the New Policy
2. The New .CN Registration Policy Creates Grant Business
3. Register Domain Name in .CN ccTLD, Master “Internet
Domination” in China
4. Domain Name - the “Internet Trademark” of Modern Enterprises
5. It is a good idea for domestic enterprises to build up “domain
name strategic” fire wall as quickly as possible
6. .CN – Unlimited Business Opportunities

Chapter One - Historic Events in China and Foreign Countries
Section 1.  The Crisis of Internet Residence and Web Brand (1996-1998)
1. The Incident Touching Off the Case and Seven Forms of Expression
2. Essence of the Case
3. Types and Meanings of Web Brand
4. The Relationship between Web Brand and Domain Name Brand
5. An Enterprise Needs Accurate Concept of Internet Brand
Section 2. Domain Name Cyber squatting (1998-1999)
1. How Many .COM Domain Name Brand Relating “China” Had Been
Cyber Squatted?
2. The Inspiration of Domain Name Brand Crisis
3. Cyber Squatting Issues of China’s Brand Names Under .CN
Section 3. Chinese Domain Name (2000-2001)
1. Chinese Domain Name - From Market Competing to Cooperation and
2. Parties in the “Civil War” of Chinese Domain Name (2000 - 2001)
3. Eight Phases of CDN War
4. The Source of CDN War
5. Chinese Domain Name – What Course to Follow
6. The Historical Significance of “CDN War”
7. A Comprehensive Review of CDN War in Press Media
Section 4. Internet Keyword and Chinese Keyword (2001-2002)
1. About “Chinese RealNames”Service and the Survey Report of
Industrial Alliance (Part 1 --3)
2. Doubting about“Chinese RealNames”Service Mechanism (Part 1 - 2)
3. Comments on“CNNIC and 3721 Combat”(Part 1 - 10)
4. Response for the“Slaver War”between CNNIC and 3721.com
5. CNNIC and 3721- Pros and Cons ( Part 1 – 10 )
Section 5. RealNames Went Bankrupt (2002)
1. General Situation of RealNames Co., Ltd.
2. Reason for the Bankruptcy
3. Comments by the Community
4. Historic Influences
Section 6. Baidu Blocked Off Sina (2002)
1. News Report: Sina’s Search Engine Service was Blocked Off by
Baidu As a Defaulting Subscriber
2. Comment on Sina and Baidu - A Pair of Foes
Section 7. Phylogeny of Search Engine (1990-2002)
1. The First WWW Search Engine Software was Developed in 1990
2. The First Generation of Search Engine Technology
3. The Second Generation of Search Engine Technology
4. Companies and Experts that Facilitated the Development of the
Second Generation Search Engine Technology

Chapter Two - Interviews
Section 1. Interview - ICANN Shanghai Meetings 2002
1. General Situation of ICANN Shanghai Meetings
2. Resolutions of ICANN Shanghai Meetings in Oct. 2002
3. Interview Mr. M.Stuart Lynn (USA), the President and CEO of
4. Interview Madam Hu Qiheng, the Academician of Chinese Academy of
Engineering, the President of Internet Society of China (ISC)
5. Interview Dr. John C. Klensin (USA), the Sixth Chair of Internet
Architecture Board (IAB)
6. Interview Professor Qian Hualin, the Former Chair of Asia
Pacific Top Level Domains (APTLD)
7. Interview Mr. Masanobu Katoh (Japan), the Chair of ICANN - IDN
8. Interview Mr. Mao Wei, the Director General of CNNIC
9. Interview Mr. James Seng (Singapore), the Chair of IDN Working
Group of IETF
Section 2. Interview - .CN Domain Name Report Tour and Relevant
1. “.CN Domain Name - the Symbol of China” Press Conference and
the Initiation Ceremony of .CN Domain Name Report Tour
2. Hangzhou Site - Kindled a Single Spark of “Encircling the
Cities from Rural Areas”
3. Shanghai Site - Kindled the Beacon Tower of .CN Domain Name
4. Nanjing Site - Local Government as Backstage Supporter
5. Guangzhou Site - CNNIC Registrars Hold the Banner of Service High
6. Shenzhen Site - The Remarkable Effect of the Report Tour: .CN
Challenges .COM
7. Xiamen Site - Registrars Made Efforts to “Domain Name Economy”
8. Qingdao Site – Registrars Participated in the Lecture with
Immense Zeal
9. Shenyang Site - “Have you registered .CN domain name?”: a
General Assembly of Internet Community of the Three Provinces in North
East China
10. Chengdu Site - Focused on Service Quality
11. Wuhan Site - the Local Telecommunication Bureau Encouraged
Customer Participation
12. Xi’an Site - The Report Tour Achieved a Successful End
13. Comments: New Landmark of the development of .CN  ccTLD
Section 3. Interview - Baidu President Li Yanhong
1. What does “Baidu” Mean? - A Conversation between Shen Yang and
Li Yanhong
2. The Distance between Opportunity and Success – from the Angle
of Baidu‘s President
Section 4. Interview - 3721.com
1. 3721 President Zhou Hongyi Talks about “3721 Pattern” - By
Zhong Guan Cun Weekly:
2. 3721, Risk Everything to Win? – By  BeijingNews.com.cn

Chapter Three - Introduction of Registrars and Interviews
Section 1.  Guangdong Huyi Co. Ltd. (www.8HY.CN )
Section 2.  Xiamen China Source Internet Service Co., Ltd.
(www.zzy.cn )
Section 3.  Fujian Jingtong Technique Industry Co., Ltd. (China-
Section 4.  HiChina WebSolutions Limited (www.net.cn )
Section 5.  Beijing Xinhai Development Corporation (www.ChinaDNS.cn )
Section 6.  Xiamen Bizcn Computer & Network CO., Ltd. (www.Bizcn.cn )
Section 7.  China Enterprise ASP Limited (www.CE.Net.CN )
Section 8.  Sanfront Network Technology Co. Ltd (www.SFN.CN )
Section 9.  Beijing ISM Technology Inc.
Section 10. Other Registrars
Section 11. Registrars in Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Section 12. Registrar and Resellers in Oversea China

Chapter Four - Approaching to CNNIC
Section 1. First Interview CNNIC and Expressions
Section 2. China Won the Initial Success of the Internet Dominion
1. .CN Domain Name Battle Field: Capitalized “China” and
“Chinese People”
2. Chinese Domain Name Brought about a Marvelous Upswing in the
Internet Industry
3. A Piece of Sacred Vote in the “United Nation of the Internet”

Chapter Five - Tracking for the Case of Cai Jianyong Proceeding
Against 3721.com
Section 1. Report of Press Media
Section 2. Track Report
Section 3. Inspiration from the Case

Chapter One - Policy and Evolvement
Section 1. NSI and VeriSign
Section 2. ICANN
Section 3. Reform of .CN Registration Policy (2000-2002)
1. Administration of Domain Name Registration in China
2. Reform on China’s Domain Name Administrative Policies
Section 4. Chinese Domain Name
Section 5. Internet Keywords: CNNIC’S Common Name Service
Section 6. Chinese RealNames Service : 3721.com
Section 7. Search Engine

Chapter Two - Management and Competition
Section 1. ICANN: The Road of Reform
1 ICANN President’s Report: ICANN – Road of Innovation
2 CNNIC’s Proposals to Stuart Lynn’s Report on ICANN Reform
3 ICANN Shanghai Meeting Resolutions on ICANN Reform (Oct. 30,
Section 2. CNNIC: Goes Forward in Its Reform
1. The Third Eye on CNNIC (1) Who is Pushing Forward the Movement
of Traducing CNNIC’s Reputation?
2. The Third Eye on CNNIC (2) It’s difficult for 6-year-old CNNIC
becoming “illegal”
3. The Third Eye on CNNIC (3) The Historic Responsibility of the
Technical Criteria of Keyword Addressing
4. The Third Eye on CNNIC (4) Registrars’ Attitude Towards .CN
Domain Name - Both Love and Hate?
5. The Third Eye on CNNIC (5) New Measures for Market Regulation
Section 3. Administration and Competition
Section 4. IETF and Process of Shaping an Internet Standards
1. The Internet Technical Standard Creator – The Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF)
2. IETF “Internet Standard Process” (Revised Version 3.0)

Chapter Three - Mechanism of Coordination
Section 1. Mechanism of Coordination of ICANN
Section 2. Mechanism of Coordination of .CN Domain Name
Section 3. Mechanism of Coordination of Chinese Domain Name
Section 4. Mechanism of Coordination of Internet Keyword
Section 5. Bidding Mechanism of Baidu
Section 6. Chinese RealNames Service Competitive Biding Mechanism
Section 7. Governmental and Nongovernmental Coordination System

Chapter Four - Legal System and Cases
Section 1. Coordination Institutions
1 Dispute Coordination Institutions for Generic Top Level Domains
2 Dispute Resolution Institutions for .CN Domain Name
3 Dispute Resolution Institutions for Chinese Domain Name
4 Dispute Resolution Institutions for Keywords (Common Name)
Section 2. Arbitration Processes
Section 3. Litigation on Courtroom
1 Disputes on Domain Name in Foreign Countries
2 Domestic Intelligence Right Oriented Lawsuit of .CN Domain Name
Section 4. Selected Cases
1 Domain Name Dispute on“TIDE.com”
2 WIPO’s Solution to Chinese Domain Name “太古.com”
3 The Arbitration of Dispute on the Internet Keyword “国际周”
and “科博会”

Chapter One - Search Engine
Section 1. Baidu
Section 2. Yahoo! / Google
Section 3. Portal Websites

Chapter Two - Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)
Section 1. Original gTLDs
Section 2. New gTLDs

Chapter Three - Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)
Section 1. Country Code Top Level Domains
Section 2. CN Domain Name (1): Third Level Domains
Section 3. CN Domain Name (2): Second Level Domains

Chapter Four - Keywords
Section 1. Brief Introduction of Internet Keywords
1. Definition
2. Technical Authentication of Internet Keywords
3. Internet Keywords Researching Group
4. Internet Keywords Forum of China
5. International Forum on Internet Keywords
Section 2. Internet Keywords FAQ
1. About Internet Keywords Service
2. Internet Keywords Registration Service
3. Dispute Resolution of Internet Keywords
Section 3. Internet Keywords Service
1. Function and Marketing Value
2. Using Method
3. Service System
Section 4. Internet Keywords Application: Stock Inquiry and Search
1. Stock Inquiry Function
2. Search Engine Function
Section 5. Introduction of CNNIC’s Internet Keywords Registrars

Chapter Five – Chinese RealNames Service and its Registrar
Section 1. Beijing Inter China Network Software Technology Development
Co., Ltd. (3721.Com)
Section 2. Chinese RealNames Service
Section 3. Chinese RealNames Service  Registrar

Chapter Six - Internet Keyword Value Added Services
Section 1. Internet Voice Address Service
1. Direction of Use
2. Special Explanation
3. Installation and Assistance
4. Future Development
Section 2. Digitalized Domain Name - Electronic Number (EMUN)
1. What is ENUM
a, Define Process
b, ENUM Format
2. Typical Application
3. Discussions about ENUM Management Policies
4. Future Development of ENUM
5. Resource for Researching ENUM
Section 3. IP800 Internet Address
1 Concept - IP800 Telephone
2 Relationship between IP800 Telephone and Internet Address
3 A Technology Combining Network Addressing and Telecommunication
4 How to Use IP800 Telephone

Chapter Seven - Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)
Section 1. Internationalized Domain Name
Section 2. Chinese Domain Name
Section 3. Chinese Domain Name and Internet Keyword

Chapter One - The First Pass of Information Networklization
Section 1. The Internet “Doorplate” Value of Domain Name
Section 2. The Value of Search Engine
Section 3. The Value of Keyword Addressing
Section 4. Choosing Tools for Web Brand Marketing

Chapter Two - How to Become an ICANN Accredited Registrar?

Chapter Three - How to Become a Registrar/ Reseller of Generic Top
Level Domains (gTLD)?

Chapter Four - How to Become a CNNIC Registrar for Registering .CN
Domain Names?
Section 1. CNNIC: CNNIC Domain Name Registrar Accreditation Policy
Section 2. Application and Certification Process
Section 3. CNNIC Domain Name Registrar Application Form
   1. Data of .CN Domain Name Registrars (Before Dec. 12, 2002)
   2. Data of .CN Domain Name Registrars (After Dec. 12, 2002)

Chapter Five - How to Become a Reseller of Baidu.com?
1. Operation Process of a Reseller
2. The Surrogate System of “Baidu Pay for Placement by Bidding
services” (Standardized Agreement)
Chapter Six - How to Become a Reseller of 3721.com?
Chapter Seven - How to Apply for a Generic Top Level Domain Name?
Chapter Eight - How to Apply for a .CN Domain Name?
Chapter Nine - How to Apply for “Baidu Pay for Placement by Bidding
Chapter Ten - How to Apply for an Internet Keyword?
1. CNNIC: Registration Methods of Internet Keyword
2. Contact Information of Internet Keyword Registrars

Chapter Eleven - How to Apply for a Chinese Domain Name?
1. Registration Notice
2. Contact Information of CDN Registrars
3. How Can Users Inquire about the Registration Status of Their
Chinese Domain Names?
Chapter Twelve - How to Apply for a Chinese RealNames Service?
Chapter Thirteen - How to Apply for an Internet Voice Address?
Chapter Fourteen - How to Apply for an IP800 Address?
Chapter Fifteen - How to Apply for an Electronic Number (ENUM)?
Chapter Sixteen - How to Apply for a Traditional/ Simplified Chinese
Domain Name or Internet Keyword in Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan?
Chapter Seventeen - Contact Information Schedule of Registrars and
Chapter Eighteen - Quotation Schedule of Registrars and Resellers

A. ICANN Timeline
B. CNNIC and .CN Domain Name Timeline
C. Survey Report on the Internet Development in China (Domain Name
Section) (1st -12th)
D. Keyword Index
E. Bibliography


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